Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Beginning.

so, summers finally done. school starts first thing tomorrow morning! eighteen credits this semester, working at nordstrom, asuu marketing board, and delta gamma recruitment. time to take life more seriously and forget about having anytype of a life at all. atleast i ended off my semester with a killer last couple of weeks one spent in california home with the family and ali, then a couple nights in the hardrock hotel in vegas with brooke (reunion from her sixteenth bday). california was probably the fun/funniest week ever spent. we went to the beach almost everysingle dayy. saw little wayne in concert along with 50cent, souldja boyy, young jeezy.

hahah in a limo and such a perfect night. ali and i met some boys from newyork at the beach one of the first days we went there and ended up hanging out with them for a couple of the nights down there.

we left to head back to salt lake on wednesday and ali dropped me off in vegas cuz brookes dad got us a hotel room for free at the brand new tower in the hard rock hotel in vegas and we were able to have the most azaming room/view all to ourselves. we were there for two nightsss we went around to all of the hotels and shoppped.

almost almost snuck into one of the clubs i just headed up to the front of the line with my id hoping that maybe somehow the man at the front would think we were goodlooking enough to get in without really checking.. no such luck..with brookes mom (funniest funniest night in the world) && ended up playing penny slots since we were shotdown on our crazygirl night adventure. we won $25:) then we came home and took pictures of eachotherr all night in our beds that felt like heaven and amazing too bad we both had our own gigantic huge one all alone. hah

now im here in salt lake, getting ready for my junior year of college and my first fall recruitment which i am so so excited about ahh, cant wait.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer.

as of this summer i got the position at the u as assistant director of the marking board for the asuu (kinda like student body). i kinda got the position on accident and am so happy i have been able to do it, its been so much fun. alot of hard work and hours spent on the computer watching videos on "how-to" to teach myself adobe illustrator, photoshop, indesign.. so so crazy. i finished my first two projects this week. of which both took me prob four hours each.. and would take anyone else with any idea of what they were doing about an hour max. haha anyways lifes getting pretty hectic. one more week of emt classes at weber, finals, california for lilwayne concert with ali && beach, ali moves in, school starts, rush week for delta gamma:)