Sunday, January 10, 2010

Twenty20 in Twenty2010Ten.

i was proved right, the past four months were busy busy busy, too busy for me to be able to blog a single time even.  now that im back in california, the holidays and finals are all done with its been good to be able to take a second to relax and spend time with the family and friends. 

heres a little much needed recap: 
18 credit hours. kicked my buttt. hours and hours spent in the library everyday monday thru thursday. i told myself from day one of the semester, no no studying on fridays. fridays were my "christeen day" hahah. little side note:i have had a serious problem this semester taking too many of those.. semi-purposly leaving my phone at home all day. weird as it is. this semester, eventho was my biggest load yet, i did my very best grade-wise ive done all three years so far. :)  
delta gamma. recruitment was the most fun thing ever, we got so many cute new girls. i love everysingle girl in the chapter. im so lucky to be a part of such a cute perfect chapter. 
asuu marketing. we made a rockin christmas tree for the festival of trees this year, the night the tree was being all prettied i got my entire, yes, entire wallet (loaded with cash since i was going to be paying for dg dues that night && my car keys) STOLEN. at a charity event, stolen. karma gonna get the best of that person. 
nordstrom. just good old nordstrom, still working there, selling like crazy. finally learned how to spell the name of the department i work in i remember it cuz hosiery is sexy..haha and the "s" comes before the i in the word hosiery.  only took me six months to get that one down. leave it to the sexual thing that makes me remember it. 
1834westminster. the best living situation. five roomates who i love and now consider sisters. it wasnt always this way tho. we had our share of annoying fights and arguments. so nice to all love eachother and be able to have halloween, christmas parties, and girl nitess. also, im getting my own room again this semester:)