Saturday, June 27, 2009

#1 On My Movie List.

my new favorite movie of all time. saw it twice with in the first four days it was out. first with ali decker in st.g and once with megan marie out in sandy. i want ryan reynolds. mmhm:) as im sure millions of other girls around the world want too.. so if you havent seen it yet, you for sure have a recommendation from me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i have to say that i am a little addicted to blogging now. its taken full replacement of my usual journal. i just got back to salt lake from my "real" summer back at home. i cant call summer, summer, when spent anywhere outside of lagunaa.. the drive home has actually become something that i dont 100% dread for the first time in my life. it kinda now a time for me to just listen to my music and think. think about life, love, all of my friends getting married, (does that mean that im supposed to be ready to get married? cuz i am definately not.) my family (am i going to be able to raise one in this messed up world?), school (will i ever ever finish? how am i going to pay for it?), my career (is all of that schooling going to be worth it?), friends (why do friendships have to be so hard? how come everyone cant be friends? how did i get so lucky with the ones that i found?), nannying in england possibly, church, work, life.. who knows if ill ever know the answers to all, if any of those questions. so as for now im going to remind myself that i am true to myself. i am alive. and that i need to take a second to remember that and to breathe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mon Messge De L'été.

Je voulais juste d'écrire une entrée en français. J'ai toujours voulu être capable de parler français et compris, pourquoi pas? tout depuis que je suis de retour aux États-Unis à partir de mon voyage outre-mer. J'ai constaté moi-même fasciné par le caractère purement français. J'ai demandé plusieurs nourrice emplois et veulent être en mesure de rapidement fufill le rêve que j'ai eu de devenir une nounou pour une courte période de temps, tout en vivant à l'étranger.tandis que la maison pour plusieurs semaines, j'ai était à la maison, j'ai eu à passer beaucoup de temps avec ma soeur, Rachelle. elle s'est avérée être une merveilleuse sœur. i just love her tellement mauvais et souhaitent qu'elle sera en mesure de passer à utah ici pour aller à l'école avec moi un jour. J'espère que je peut être aussi bien d'un exemple d'elle comme elle est à moi. elle est la plus belle fille que je connais. nous sommes arrivés à aller à l'île de Balboa, une nuit avec elle et son amie Samantha. Nous avons mangé là-bas et a pris le ferry de retour. i cant se rappeler combien de temps depuis son weve fait quelque chose comme ça. j'ai également essayé de trouver un chaton à adopter pour moi quand j'étais là-bas. et pas de chance! J'ai eu du plaisir dans l'écriture, ce français, et nous espérons que celui qui lit ceci, vous êtes incroyable d'être en mesure de lire ce qui suit.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Thing Called Love.

its so crazy how life changes. i swear i keep catching myself saying that over and overrr. i cant believe how time is flying past, rachelles going to be a senior next year and honestly i have no clue where the last two years went. ive been through so much, learned and had to grow up alot. take me back to the days when i could not wait to wake up. weird hair, didnt care what to wear, cause no matter what, i still felt love. take me back, to the days, where loosing a game was the worst thing i knew. getting chills off of little stuff, that now, i just cant do. i cant stand growing up, im going to fast, oh just a second, i miss my past. yeah, being old, it has it perks, but i miss my old friends, and the way that he used to be, i want to start again. i miss everything, i wish that you could..take me back, to the days when school wasnt a chore. now i have to play hookie to hide from the things that i used not want to ignore. take me back, to the world that I knew before the love was taken. another smile, drop..listen while the time stops. take me back to the days where i hated to fall asleep. if i could, i know i would spend the entire day stuck under my sheets. take me back to the life, when i could know myself again.

so please dont forget to call me just to let me know youre doing okay miles away from me; just so those three words i can know youre thinking.. ive been trying so hard to get you out of my mind but if this is how it has to be then ill make sure to leave you with this: ill never forget the way that ive felt about you. sometimes its too soon to call it love, but i wanted to. i guess, you could call it a loss for words?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mon Aventure Européenne.

seven countries. 23 days. may 10-31st 2009.
megan madsen. john madsen. cathy madsen. christeen barnes.

London, England.
its a beautiful life
the first stop on our european adventure. so many cute cute boys here. queen's palaces, nutella, double decker buses, phantom of the operah ahh. someday, i will live here.

Paris, France.
son d'une belle vie
the place that i had been looking forward to the most. such a fun city full of fashionistas, crepes, patessaries, water with gas (sparkling water) and lots of love.

Krakow, Poland.
jego piękne życie
such a fun college town with some extensive history behind it. and of course my kitty i found at auschwitz concentration camp.

Prague, Czech Republic.
jeho život je krásný
the most beautiful city in europe. pub crawls, dancing, and gorgeous bridges.

Rotenburg & Fussen, Germany.
leben schön
cutest little town of rotenburg where its christmas 365 days a year, schneederballs, and amazing chocolate. fussen had some awesome castles: king ludwigs was my favorite (the disneyland cinderalla castle is a replica) and killer goulosh soup.

Interlaken, Switzerland.
har ett vackert liv
my favorite place that we went to in all of the three weeks. the alps were breath-takingly beautiful. there were thousands of little streams and waterfalls. megan and i got to go paragliding with the owner of the b&b that we stayed at and flew over interlaken.

Venice & Roma, Italy.
la sua bella vita
romance. romance. romance. such amazing men here. so so creepy and most had b.o. but so so handsome. gondolla rides in vencie, gelatto was unreal (and the ice cream scooper-man was the man of my dreams). we were there for the "football" championships in rome surrounded by crowds of manchester and united fans.

"the one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again."
-george santayana

The Haircut.

my cute new hair cut. chopped a little over 13" off and balled the entire time poor katie was cutting it. it took me a day or two to adjust to it... dont have a ponytail anymore... the shortest my hair has EVER been in my lifee... kinda really freaked me out, but now i love it!

"you cut your hair into a sexy doo,
and it makes me fall even more in love with you."

-alissa decker

California Home.

i just did the ten hour road trip back home to aliso stopped in to stay with ali half way, and have never been happier to be back in my own wonderful bed, pink room, and especially with my family! there were several surprises waiting for me when i got home.. dads new yamaha r6 (baddest bike on the markettt) and a new carrr. so dang cute.

my families not rich by anymeans, but i feel like ive won the lottery.

my mom is such an adorable mom, so cute and happy all the time.
i have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger
god smiles down on my little sister, inside and out, she's better than i am.
i have to say its gonna be pretty hard leaving this place in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

University of Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah.
this past semester has been full of so many changes, all ending up to be for the better. ali decker and i moved up here with about one weeks notice found ourselves a cute little apartment and began our new life there. after a couple bad cases of strep throat and finally getting my tonsils out i decided to rush a sorority on campus, delta gamma. pledging has been such a fun expierence, ive met so many people and have made friendships that will last forever. life up in salt lake has ended up being much more fun than i ever imagined. guess you could call utah my new home? ahh i never thought that utah and home would ever come out of my mouth in the same sentence together. never. im so lucky to have such wonderful friends up here and i have no clue what id do without the parentals back at home. im so blessed. summertime here we comee:)