Tuesday, June 2, 2009

University of Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah.
this past semester has been full of so many changes, all ending up to be for the better. ali decker and i moved up here with about one weeks notice found ourselves a cute little apartment and began our new life there. after a couple bad cases of strep throat and finally getting my tonsils out i decided to rush a sorority on campus, delta gamma. pledging has been such a fun expierence, ive met so many people and have made friendships that will last forever. life up in salt lake has ended up being much more fun than i ever imagined. guess you could call utah my new home? ahh i never thought that utah and home would ever come out of my mouth in the same sentence together. never. im so lucky to have such wonderful friends up here and i have no clue what id do without the parentals back at home. im so blessed. summertime here we comee:)

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