Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i went to bear lake with tera and a couple boyyys on sunday and ended up loosing my phone somewhere in the great garden city:/ so so terrible. i have been living my life for the last three days without any type of phone at all. holy, its been a hugge terrible thing. no ipod, gps, anyone to text, call, emails, games, ahhh... now i feel for the people who moved away or moved away from home to go to college back in the day when there was no way of communication other than good old fashioned person-to-person. its really made me appreciate how much help it is mentally and emotionally for me to be able to talk with my friends and family back at home. i was feeling like by the end of today im going to have a nervous breakdown i swear. so today, i went into the at&t store right before i headed up to weber state university to do my emt class and got myself a new iphone 3g:) buttttttt. no it doesnt work, they gave me a reject phone hahah. so now ill be heading back to the at&t store for the fourth time in 24 hours first thing in the morning. no more non-communication. no bueno. moral of the story: be greatful for cellphones. they are wonderful. when working. and most importantly working properly.

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