Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mon Aventure Européenne.

seven countries. 23 days. may 10-31st 2009.
megan madsen. john madsen. cathy madsen. christeen barnes.

London, England.
its a beautiful life
the first stop on our european adventure. so many cute cute boys here. queen's palaces, nutella, double decker buses, phantom of the operah ahh. someday, i will live here.

Paris, France.
son d'une belle vie
the place that i had been looking forward to the most. such a fun city full of fashionistas, crepes, patessaries, water with gas (sparkling water) and lots of love.

Krakow, Poland.
jego piękne życie
such a fun college town with some extensive history behind it. and of course my kitty i found at auschwitz concentration camp.

Prague, Czech Republic.
jeho život je krásný
the most beautiful city in europe. pub crawls, dancing, and gorgeous bridges.

Rotenburg & Fussen, Germany.
leben schön
cutest little town of rotenburg where its christmas 365 days a year, schneederballs, and amazing chocolate. fussen had some awesome castles: king ludwigs was my favorite (the disneyland cinderalla castle is a replica) and killer goulosh soup.

Interlaken, Switzerland.
har ett vackert liv
my favorite place that we went to in all of the three weeks. the alps were breath-takingly beautiful. there were thousands of little streams and waterfalls. megan and i got to go paragliding with the owner of the b&b that we stayed at and flew over interlaken.

Venice & Roma, Italy.
la sua bella vita
romance. romance. romance. such amazing men here. so so creepy and most had b.o. but so so handsome. gondolla rides in vencie, gelatto was unreal (and the ice cream scooper-man was the man of my dreams). we were there for the "football" championships in rome surrounded by crowds of manchester and united fans.

"the one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again."
-george santayana

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