Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Thing Called Love.

its so crazy how life changes. i swear i keep catching myself saying that over and overrr. i cant believe how time is flying past, rachelles going to be a senior next year and honestly i have no clue where the last two years went. ive been through so much, learned and had to grow up alot. take me back to the days when i could not wait to wake up. weird hair, didnt care what to wear, cause no matter what, i still felt love. take me back, to the days, where loosing a game was the worst thing i knew. getting chills off of little stuff, that now, i just cant do. i cant stand growing up, im going to fast, oh just a second, i miss my past. yeah, being old, it has it perks, but i miss my old friends, and the way that he used to be, i want to start again. i miss everything, i wish that you could..take me back, to the days when school wasnt a chore. now i have to play hookie to hide from the things that i used not want to ignore. take me back, to the world that I knew before the love was taken. another smile, drop..listen while the time stops. take me back to the days where i hated to fall asleep. if i could, i know i would spend the entire day stuck under my sheets. take me back to the life, when i could know myself again.

so please dont forget to call me just to let me know youre doing okay miles away from me; just so those three words i can know youre thinking.. ive been trying so hard to get you out of my mind but if this is how it has to be then ill make sure to leave you with this: ill never forget the way that ive felt about you. sometimes its too soon to call it love, but i wanted to. i guess, you could call it a loss for words?

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